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Connecticut Chapter of ICES 


Welcome the Connecticut Chapter of ICES website! CT ICES is comprised of the members of the International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES) that live within the state of Connecticut. However, anyone interested in cake decorating or the sugar arts, no matter where you live, is welcome to register and attend our CT ICES events. We have meetings several times per year that are called Days of Sharing (DoS) or Weekends of Sharing (WoS) that are held at various central Connecticut locations. Often there are optional classes associated with events that are taught by sugar art teachers from both near and far. During a Day of Sharing we enjoy a luncheon, sugar art related demonstrations, door prizes, vendors and a CT ICES business meeting.    

No matter where you live in the world, being an ICES member allows you to have a lower registration cost for all ICES events including classes. Should you want more information about ICES, the website is To join, click on "Membership". With your $60.00 per year membership you will receive a full color ICES Newsletter mailed to your home eleven (11) times per year (there is not a newsletter for the month of September) and you will also receive local ICES newsletters that include the information about an upcoming local event. There is also an option to receive digital ICES newsletters for only $45 per year. Each year ICES hosts a convention and show within the United States. Being an ICES member greatly reduces your registration fee to participate. At the annual ICES Convention and Show, you can enjoy hands-on classes, demonstrations, a vendor area filled with "cake toys", and many other fun features and events. Being an ICES member includes the opportunity to vote on issues brought forth both on a local level at Days of Sharing, and on an international level at the General Membership Meeting at the ICES Convention and Show.

Many of the sugar art celebrities you see on television are ICES members!

We invite YOU to join us at our next CT ICES Day of Sharing where we learn and celebrate what can be done with SUGAR!

You are welcome to contact me anytime at

Nancylee Waters
Connecticut Chapter of ICES Representative